Crazy termination stories – Turning the conference room into the bedroom

December 20, 2018
Office Politics Radio
Office Politics Radio
Crazy termination stories - Turning the conference room into the bedroom

Bombthreats. Workplace Violence. People using a conference room as a bedroom.

In HR, you see it all.

In this episode, we talk about dating co-workers, workplace romances, and terminations.

Workplace dating and romances often end in one of 2 pieces of paper: either a marriage license or a restraining order.

It doesn’t have to be that somebody has actually done something for you to get a restraining order. You can go before a judge & present evidence that shows that the person could be potentially violent.

In most employment contracts, whether implied or explicit, there’s a morality clause. You can’t do some things because you are associated with a certain organization, even if it’s off-duty.

Tune in and hear Regina’s advice for workplace dating and romance.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

(02:10) Restraining orders & making scenes at the workplace

(09:20) Terminations

(12:10) What’s a human way of terminating an employee?

(14:05) Terminating workers for off-duty conduct

(17:40) Having direct supervisors during terminations

(20:30) The toughest termination Regina had to do

(21:40) Regina’s advice for workplace dating/romance

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