Getting Things Started

March 5, 2018

Hey there, Breadwinners!

You know when you’re little and you’re listening to the radio in your room? You’re singing along to your favorite artists on the “Top 5 at 9” like you’re at Radio City Music Hall and your audience is eating it up. You’re belting it out into your hairbrush in front of your Care Bears until your mom knocks on the door and tells you to go to bed? You think, “Wow, she doesn’t understand my art!”.

That was me!

I have always loved music but I was never going to make it as a singer outside of my bedroom. I loved listening to the radio and I was always more interested in being the DJ. I wanted to be the person that talked about music, chatted with callers and did long distance dedications.


My love of radio and talk has stayed with me into adulthood. I have a very fulfilling and interesting career in human resources as a director and an HR expert witness. My jobs allow me to do a lot of talking with all kinds of people and helping them on their way. Just when I think I have seen and heard it all, something else surprises me. With all I have seen and heard, I thought it would be interesting to share my experience to help others navigate similar situations. I wanted to combine my love of radio, HR and talking to people through all kinds of media so I decided to host my own podcast.

Office Politics Radio is a way for me to be a resource and assist people I wouldn’t meet any other way. My friend told me human resources is an “illuminati-esque shadow council” to most people. That sounds a lot more subversive (and intriguing) than it is. HR is a very important and vital function in an organization that runs the gamut from new hire orientation and wellness all the way discipline and performance management and everything in between. My show will try to pull back the HR curtain to help where I can to clear up the mysteries and resolve some of the issues we encounter at work.

I hope you enjoy the show!