Crazy Termination Stories – Lying

January 3, 2019
Office Politics Radio
Office Politics Radio
Crazy Termination Stories - Lying

In this week we talk about employees lying & committing fraud.

We discuss time card fraud, payroll systems, off duty conduct, and gathering evidence for a case.

Just because others in the workplace are lying doesn’t mean that the employee is not guilty.

As the HR department, when you get tipped off about something, you have to do your duty to investigate & gather more information about the case. It involves a lot of back & forth with the supervisor & unit before even bringing in the employee to give his statement. This is to get more information.

Take note that lying doesn’t always have to be big & glaring.

Tune in and hear the rest yourself.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

(01:30) A case of time card fraud

(04:40) HR’s duty in gathering information on a case

(06:35) Monitoring an employee’s time & duties

(09:00) Time card software & payroll systems

(12:00) A case of off-duty conduct

(16:55) A case of call center fraud

(19:20) Witnesses & gathering evidence

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