Crazy Termination Stories – Weapons and Stalking

January 10, 2019
Office Politics Radio
Office Politics Radio
Crazy Termination Stories - Weapons and Stalking

This week’s episode is going to be about stalking & employees coming to the office carrying weapons.

Weapon policies, especially these days, are very necessary in the workplace. You can get a permit to carry your weapon, but even then there are restrictions on whether or not you can bring it to work and other public places.

Regina has had to be called in several times in one of the agencies she worked for because of complaints that someone had a weapon. The agency did not have a weapons policy.

Some employees with hand guns took advantage of that, even though they were not police officers. They had permits to carry them around and so would bring them to work. After all, there was no policy restricting having weapons within the work premises.

Tune in and hear the rest yourself.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • (01:35) Weapon policies
  • (06:30) Workplace safety & drills
  • (09:15) What is a weapon?
  • (10:48) Regina’s witness of an altercation
  • (11:40) Stalking in the workplace
  • (14:00) A case of stalking a trainer


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